Buttermilk Biscuits

English Muffin


Toasted Focaccia


Plain or Chocolate Croissant

GF Zucchini Bread

Banana Bread

Blueberry Lemon Muffin


Spicy Fried Rice, Peas, Crispy Shallots, Thai Basil, Poached Egg 19

Smoked Salmon Flat Bread, Dill Cream Cheese, Lemon & Capers 21

Roasted Wild Mushrooms, Fried Eggs, English Muffin, Hollandaise 21

Moroccan Pepper Stew, Baked Egg, Queso Fresco, Dukkah 20

All Organic Quinoa Bowl, Vegetables, Mixed Nuts, Mango Salsa 22

Fish Tacos, Hand Pressed Tortilla, Cabbage Slaw, Shishito Remoulade 16

Honey Yogurt Bowl, Toasted Granola, Seasonal Fruit & Nuts 15

Irish Breakfast, Two Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, Baked Beans, Roasted Tomato 24

Avocado Toast, Heirloom Tomatoes, Burrata Cheese, Basil 19

Smoked Bacon BLT, Bibb Lettuce, Tomato, Calabrian Chili Aioli 19

Buttermilk Pancakes, Strawberry, Almond, Maple Syrup, Vanilla Cream   18

Flat Iron Steak, Two Eggs Sunny Side Up, Breakfast Potatoes   32

Spinach & Gruyere Omelette, Mixed Green Salad 18

Chopped Chicken Salad, Garbanzo, Provolone, Olive, Pepperoncini 18

Short-Rib Hash, Potatoes, Roasted Peppers, Fried Egg, Toast 22 


Two Eggs Any Way

Thick or Thin Cut Bacon

Breakfast Sausage

Hand Cut Fries




Fresh Berries

Avocado (3)

Crispy Potatoes

Honey Yogurt




strawberry / orange / grapefruit                                                             gls   13     carafe   49


brunch cocktails

house bloody mary 12

cold irish coffee – jameson, cold brew, brown sugar, house whipped cream   12

aperol spritz- Aperol, strawberry infused st germain & Prosecco 14

salty dog – belvedere, fresh grapefruit, & smoked salt 14

paloma – casamigos anejo with lime & grapefruit soda 16

kir royal – giffard muroise with prosecco   12

salt’s cure – ketel one, aperol, grapefruit, redbull yellow & yuzu 12


champagne + rose                                                                                                               gl         btl

Grenache, Cinsualt, Syrah- Fleurs de Prairie,Cotes de Porvence, France’ 16              12          48

Cavicchioli 1928 Prosecco, Italy ’14                                                                                    13       52

Pinot Noir, Gruet Rosé Brut , New Mexico, United States ‘ NV                                          15       50

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Moët et Chandon “Brut Impèrial”, Champagne, FR ‘NV         25       100


by the bottle

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Moët et Chandon “Ice Impèrial”, Champagne, FR ‘NV                        115

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Moët et Chandon “Brut Impèrial”, Champagne, FR ‘NV                     125

Chardonnay, Ruinart “Blanc de Blancs”, Champagne, France ‘NV                                                 150

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Bollinger “Spècial Cuvée”, Champagne, FR ‘NV                                    165

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Krug “Grande Cuvée”, Champagne, France, NV                                    410

Pinot Noir, Taittinger “Comtes de Champagne” Rosé, Champagne, France ’05                           550

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Krug “Grande Cuvée” (Magnum), Champagne, FR ‘NV                      860

Krug Clos de Mesnil, Champagne, France, 1988                                                                                1,950

Salon ‘Le Mesnil’, Champagne, France, 1982                                                                                      3,600


Ysabel Fresh Juices   7


honeydew & cucumber


chefs green juice

chefs smoothie

Stumptown Coffee

espresso   4

cappuccino or latte 5

americano 5

cold brew 7